Khalid Mentak, PhD

Dr. Khalid Mentak is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He has founded and led several successful medical device companies.

Dr. Mentak founded AVS to develop the first glistening-free foldable acrylic intraocular lens. He was responsible for building a management team to establish a vertically integrated Class III manufacturing facility, obtain regulatory approvals in the US, Europe, and Japan, and launch the product worldwide. In 2002, he positioned the company for an acquisition by Santen, Ltd., a publicly traded company in Japan.

Dr. Mentak started KMTech in 2003 to develop and market novel technologies for ophthalmic applications. The company focuses on developing medical products and obtaining regulatory approvals based on strategic intellectual property. Dr. Mentak is the cofounder of Ziemer CD AG, a Swiss company specializing in manufacturing single crystal diamonds for medical, industrial, and consumer applications and Provision Ltd.

In 2007, Dr. Mentak initiated a collaboration with the Zühlke Group in Zürich, Switzerland and was introduced to the high level of micro-technology and medical device expertise available in Switzerland. He founded Adoptics AG to develop the first shape changing accommodating intraocular lens based on proprietary technology he invented. He holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida. He is a frequent guest speaker in international meetings and holds 22 issued patents.

Richard Ferrari

Mr. Ferrari is a Co-founder of De Novo Ventures, a premier Medical Devices and Biotechnology firm with $650 million under management. He has raised approximately a billion dollars for companies he has directly influenced and has participated in over $2 billion in acquisition events.

Mr. Ferrari was the successful CEO of two publicly traded medical technology companies: CVIS and CTS. Cardiovascular Imaging Systems (CVIS), the first and leading developer of ultrasound imaging catheters, was eventually acquired for $125 million by Boston Scientific. His most recent success, CardioThoracic Systems (CTS), the market leader in disposable instruments and systems for performing minimally invasive beating heart bypass surgery, was acquired by Guidant for $350 million in November 1999. A CTS co-founder, he was the force that led the company to an initial public offering in only 7 months, the fastest of any medical technology company in history. Mr. Ferrari also Co-founded the Medical Technology Group, which spun out Integrated Vascular Systems, acquired by Abbot Vascular and Ensure, which was eventually acquired by J&J.

Previously Mr. Ferrari was Executive Vice President and General Manager of ADAC Laboratories. In 1996, he founded Saratoga Ventures, a venture capital partnership that has provided seed financing to startup medical technology companies.

Mr. Ferrari is the recipient of the Mallinckrodt Award for Excellence in Medicine and has been a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Rich holds a BS degree from Ashland University and an MBA from the University of South Florida.

Geoff Dillon

Mr. Dillon is a 30-year veteran of pioneering medical device technologies and business models spanning seven different medical specialties.

As CEO and founder of Medical Entrepreneurs II (ME2), Mr. Dillon led the world’s first, class III generic medical device company. ME2 merged with SHMed of Shanghai, with the intent of relocating operations to China. Prior to that, he was CEO and President of Corazon Technologies, Inc., an innovator of technology to perform calcific aortic valve repair during beating heart surgery. The company was eventually sold to Cordis Company, a division of J&J.

Mr. Dillon served as Vice President of Marketing for Optimize, Inc., where he helped develop an HD Heads-up Video Display Systems utilizing LCOS micro-display eyewear. He was also Vice President of global sales and marketing at CardioThoracic Systems (CTS), Inc., where he led the commercialization and adoption of beating heart bypass technology. CTS was acquired by Guidant Corporation for $350 million.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Dillon held a variety of positions with Quest Medical, American Cynamid, and Sofamor Danek. He attended Ashland University, earning a B.S. in biochemistry.

Ivan H. Howard

Mr. Howard is a capital markets veteran with more than 15 years of Wall Street experience in Institutional Equity Sales, Alternative Investments, and Portfolio management. Mr. Howard is responsible for all financial operations of the Catalyst Tech Innovation Group and coordinates all early stage project funding. He also manages relationships with current and prospective investors in the United States and abroad.

Mr. Howard founded ALT Advisory Services to provide customized alternative investment solutions and has served as a registered investment advisor and portfolio manager. He began his career with Merrill Lynch, where he served as Director of Equity Sales and Trading.

Mr. Howard holds a Masters Degree in Materials Science Engineering with an emphasis in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Florida and an MBA from Mercer University. He has published literature on the subject of Radio Frequency Plasma surface modification of biopolymers.